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Key Benefits of Installing EV Charging for Businesses You Can’t Ignore

Did you know that in the UK, the demand for electric vehicles is rising significantly? With rising consumer demand, electric vehicles being more available and government guidelines changing, electric vehicles are potentially looking to be the future of transport.

For many business owners, investing in electric vehicle (EV)  facilities can be seen as a risky move. The investment is worthwhile if it’s stable and favourable but the advantages of investing in this growing technology are already utilised by a number of different businesses within the UK and globally. 

Read on now to explore how installing EV charging points will benefit your company in the long run.

1. Plan ahead. Think long term for the future of your business

As we have already covered with the rising in consumer demand, and electric vehicles being more & more available it is very likely in the near future that the government will begin to encourage businesses to install EV charging points. Not only will we be prepared for this but also saving costs in the long run as the cost of installation will only go up. 

In the next couple of years, there will be a higher demand for installation of electrical charge stations and you can avoid the hurry and further additional expenses in the future.

2. Increase exposure to your business and boost overall customer traffic

Electric vehicle drivers often rely on third party apps to locate different charging points where they are able to charge their cars. These types of apps will inform EV drivers of their closest charging stations, once installed your business will obviously be advertised here. This will attract people to your office, and give you that advantage over your competitors.

3. Environmental commitment and promoting CSR responsibilities

Social responsibility is essential for businesses today, enabling greener transport is a stepping stone towards that.EV charging stations at the workplace communicates to customers and other businesses about the overall business view point, with respect to reducing the environmental impact.

4. Improve efficiency and cutting costs

Electric charging points at work can not only make it easier for employees, but saves time looking for where to charge your cars. This will mainly be applicable to employees with electric vehicles.

5. Improve your financial revenue

Many businesses are not taking advantage of installing EV charging stations that drivers will have to pay to use. This can generate additional profitability and improve the overall income for your business. The initial cost of installing these charging points will remunerate itself and you can then begin to further make a profit from these charging points.

6. Personable customer connections

Did you know that companies with EV charging stations allow for customers to stay much longer and browse. Businesses can use this time to better gain customer understandings, and even communicate potential deals and what else the business has to offer – boosting the likelihood of returning customers/ visits.

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Overall, an electric vehicle charging point can improve energy efficiency overall for your business, and provide facilities like EV charging stations and points to both employees and potential customers at your workplace which could also improve staff retention, increased productivity and returning customers. As East Goscote Electrics, we continue to add those benefits by working as electrical contractors and providing EV charging point installations for both homes and businesses.

If you would like more information contact one of our friendly experts today.

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