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EV charging points installation

If you’ve made the switch to an electric vehicle, we can supply and install a high quality EV charging point so you’re always ready to hit the road. Whether at home or at work, we can fit a fast, efficient EV charging solution that’s easy and safe to use. 

Rolec electric vehicle charging

We exclusively supply Rolec electric vehicle charging technology, which our team of experienced technicians can install at your home or workplace. Rolec offers the UK”s biggest range of AC Fast and DC Rapid charging points which are compatible with all electric vehicles. 

With a choice of cost-effective and scalable options to suit all budgets, their products help homeowners and businesses invest in the future by making electric vehicle charging more accessible. 

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At home or at work

What could be more convenient than being able to charge your electric vehicle at home overnight so it’s ready for the journey ahead? The Rolec WallPod:EV HomeSmart is a compact home electric vehicle charging point which can be wall-mounted in your garage or on your driveway. You can operate your charging point via an app on your phone too, making it easier to manage how you charge your vehicle.

Likewise, if you run a business and more of your team are driving electric vehicles, we can transform your car park with fast and reliable EV charging points, so your employees are fully fuelled for the commute home. You also have the option to provide visitors with a paid charging service, setting your own tariffs to generate income when drivers charge their vehicles on your premises. 

To find out more about how East Goscote Electrics can support you in driving cleaner and greener, get in touch today.

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