EGE Limited Has a New Website

Team EGE is excited to announce the launch of our website today.

Established in 1974, East Gostcote Electrics Ltd offer a wide range of electrical services in Leicestershire. Our team of electricians is highly qualified and fully trained. Trust us for glitch-free electrical solutions for new build and commercial properties.

EGE limited

The Need for a Website

We never felt the need for a website to generate new business. We always believe in investing into things that make the experience of our customers better. The referrals from our happy customers keep us quite busy.

Many of our prospective customers would request for our website URL so they could find more about us, and our services. Over time, we realised that having a website would be a good investment in the direction of helping our customers find more about us.

And so was born the idea of creating a website to provide information about our services, to establish our expertise and to connect with our customers in an instant.

We commissioned Blue Whale Media for the task, who delivered beyond our expectations to create a beautiful, modern website.

About the Website

In our search for the right website designer, we got to know of the various ways a website would help our customers and potential customers.

Our brand new website is mobile friendly, which means that anyone can look us up irrespective of their device – mobile, tablet or a desktop. This alone is worth the investment we’ve made. With the changing times, we realise that the way customers look for and digest information is changing too, and rapidly so!

A mobile friendly, quick loading, clean looking website is the answer to set the right impression on today’s consumers.

About EGE

With four decades of experience in electrical services for new builds and commercial properties. We provide the complete package from lighting to emergency lighting; from general electrical installation to maintenance and a lot more.

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